Bonk Snapchat Filter: Hammer Head lens

bonk filter

Bonk Snapchat Filter is for all the people who love to share joy! While there are several meanings for the term “Bonk” I will just use the word bonk as a sound. Actually Bonk means to hits someone in American English. You might have seen bonk in many comic books. Recently Bonk filter started trending … Read more

Harry Potter Snapchat filter & Lens

harry potter lens

Harry Potter Snapchat filter is for all the Harry Potter fans in the world. Even though the movie series ended a long time ago no one can forget how amazing Harry Potter was. Recently Harry potter Snapchat lens went viral after some people made some cosplays. However, some people still don’t have a clear idea … Read more

Drew Lynch Snapchat Photo

drew Lynch ohio

Drew Lynch Snapchat Photo: Andrew Lynch AKA Drew Lynch is an American comedian. He specializes in Stand Up comedy. He was born on August 10, 1991. (According to Wikipedia). People got to know about this awesome comedian because of the tenth season of America’s Got Talent. Even though, he ended up as the second his acts … Read more

Jumanji Snapchat Filter Welcome to Next Level

jumanji snapchat lens

Jumanji Snapchat Filter is for all the Jumanji fans in the world. We all know that latest Jumanji movie, Next Level is currently showing around the world. Since everybody loves that movie I decided to create this post on Jumanji Snapchat filter. Actually, when it comes to Jumanji lens so far there isn’t a face … Read more

Death Stranding Snapchat Filter & Lens with Arm

death strading filter for snapchat

Death Stranding Snapchat Filter is for all the Snapchat gamers in the World. Even though, this lens is not released by Kojima Productions this newly released gaming lens is awesome. Since many people were searching for Death Stranding Snapchat lens I decided to make a tutorial on how to use it. If you are interested … Read more