Decade challenge – The 10 Year Challenge

Decade challenge

Right now decade challenge is very popular on the Internet and Social media sites. In this challenge, people are posting their pictures and comparing them with 10 year old pictures on Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks. This challenge went viral since a decade is almost over. Due to this reason, many people are participating … Read more

Brain Out App download: Can you pass it Apk

Brain Out App

What is Brain Out App? Brain Out app is a puzzle game for mobile devices. This addictive puzzle game is very tricky. For a second you might think that you know the answer for brain out game questions. However, it won’t be your expected answer. 😀 You have to think again, Observe the question and … Read more

Minecraft Snapchat filter: Block Builder Lens

Minecraft Snapchat Filter

Minecraft Snapchat filter: is for all the Minecraft lovers. Simply put, this Snapchat lens will let you drag and drop Minecraft blocks on your photos. Since this lens went viral among gamers I decided to make a guide on how to put building blocks on Snapchat Photos. What is Minecraft filter in Snapchat? It is … Read more

Bloodhound Plague Doctor Skin

The Plague Doctor Skin Bloodhound Plague Doctor skin is a legendary skin in Apex Legends. This skin belongs to Apex Character Bloodhound. Currently, the price of The Plague Doctor Skin is 1200 Crafting Metals. This will convert Bloodhound’s default skin into a color combination of Red, Grey, and Black. Details Skin Name The Plague Doctor … Read more