Ethnicity Estimate App Gradient: DNA Ancestry AI Test

Gradient DNA Ancestry AI Test

Ethnicity Estimate App is for all the people who are looking for a way to identify their DNA ancestry. Actually this is the more upgraded version of the Gradient celebrity app. Gradient Ethnicity Estimate photo app went viral after several celebrities tried it out on twitter. After than many fans were searching for this DNA … Read more

My Family Wizard App for Co-Parents

co parenting app download

My Family Wizard App is for all the fathers and mothers in the world who are looking for a proper way to communicate with their family. This app is very useful if you are in the Co-Parenting category. Co-Parenting also called joint parenting or shared parenting. Simply this is the situation of raising kids as … Read more

Shimeji App, Anime Characters on Mobile

shimeji chrome extension

Shimeji App is for all the anime fans in the world. Using this app you will be able to add anime characters on your phone screen. It is way cooler than it sounds. Especially if you know the characters in the Shimeji App. Even though some people call it Shimoji app the official name differs. … Read more

Snapchat Anime Face Lens & Filter

Snapchat Anime Face lens

Snapchat Anime Face Lens & Filter is for all the anime fans in the world. This anime face lens will convert your face into a beautiful/ handsome anime face. You will even have your own anime eyes. Hence this is also known as anime eyes lense. It will even make screaming signs when you open … Read more

Snapchat Star Freckles Filter Lens

Snapchat star freckles

Snapchat Star Freckles lens: Add stars on your face! Using this new freckles on face Snapchat filter you can paint your self with shining stars. This Snapchat lens was released by professional Snaplens creator ana casciello. Right now star freckles lens is very popular among Snapchat users. Hence I decided to post a guide on … Read more