How Gaming Brands Can Use Instagram

Do you have a gaming brand and want to know if marketing it on Instagram will be worth it? Instagram is a social media site that allows you to share pictures and videos with your friends, family, and other followers. It is mostly used for personal use, however, recently businesses and brands have started taking … Read more

How to Change the Instagram App Icon

How to Change the Instagram App Icon

As we all know Instagram I celebrating its 10th Anniversary. According to them it was a very successful year for them. With the latest update they are allowing you to change your app icon during October. Even you cant use your own images you can select multiple old instagram logos as your app icon. Actually … Read more

How to get perfect couple filter on Instagram & Tiktok

perfect couple instagram filter

We all know that using filters on Instagram is always is awesome. These days almost all the users are using these lenses to improve their shots. Especially since Instagram allows users to create and add new filters creators are going crazy! Currently, there are so many filters available on Instagram. Recently we shared who is … Read more

Instagram Trivia filter, Quiz me lense

Instagram Trivia filter is for everyone who is interested in questioning other people. According to google trends, this is the most popular Instagram lense since Gabber filter. Quiz me the filter is another game filter very similar to Which Harry Potter House Are you filter. Even though, the trivial filter was there for a long … Read more

Catfish Instagram Filter, Lil Icey Eyes Lens.

Catfish Instagram Filter for all the ig fans who are looking to add cat eyes to their face. People say that there are two meanings for this lens. Some people say that these lenses are used to catfish other people. (Using the filter to lure someone by a beautiful face). However, according to my research, … Read more